Divorce To Do List

Divorce is a difficult and painful process regardless of who initiated it. There are so many decisions to make and things to finalize, it can be overwhelming. Making a list of where to begin seems to make things more obtainable.

Begin with the basics, where will you live? If you own who will chose the realtor? If you sell are there penalties if you don’t invest in a certain time frame?

Choosing an attorney, sounds easy enough but can actually be very difficult. Do you need a litigator because chances are you will end up in court over things like kids or investments? Are things amicable and a mediator can be used? Is collaborative divorce a better direction? Do you need a lawyer closer in proximity because you will be there often throughout this process?

Insurance whether it be health, life or car all need to be weighed out carefully and takes time and knowledge. Anyone can receive a quote online but read the fine print. Make sure you fully understand the deductibles. If you have off spring having a policy in your spouses name with your children as the beneficiary maybe of importance.

Lastly, how will you emotionally tackle all that’s in front of you? There are many wonderful support groups out there. Consider counseling to help sift through things and setting up new goals. Take a class, go on walks, keep a journal do something just for you. Taking time out for yourself and being selfish in your needs is part of the healing process. This is your journey, take baby steps, breath and embrace what lies ahead.