Starting Over After Divorce

Welcome 2017: Starting Over After Divorce

As the ball begins to drop, everyone picks up their champagne to toast in one hand and tightly wraps their other hand around their partner to pull them in closely as we approach yet another new year. I stand by and watch, not with sadness, but with hope and joy and actually some relief. After the clinking of the glasses, quick goodbyes and a little tidying up, I climb into my king size bed in my newly redecorated bedroom, stretch out in the middle, and just for a brief moment, I begin to feel gratitude, not only for all the wonderful things I have, but that I don’t have to share my covers or listen to anyone’s snoring. This is just the beginning of starting over after divorce.

I pause briefly and remember what it was like when my partner was here. It seems like so long ago, but the memories come flooding back when I think of the tomorrow’s clean up and the annoyance I would feel while I witness him on the couch watching the bowl games, adding more dishes to the already cluttered sink, while I’m scampering around cleaning feverishly after the previous evening’s festivities. Kids are tearing through the house still trying to figure out holiday gift instructions and once they do, they are bored again quickly and, of course, need lunch and are prodding me every 3 minutes.

I instantly snap out of that thought process and remember tomorrow will be different. I get to wake up at my leisure, not at the expense of someone else getting out of bed or their tossing and turning. My thoughts go to a happy place that the couch will be vacant, the TV won’t be blaring with ESPN commentary, and I can order pizza for the kids since they are the only ones I need to be concerned about feeding. As I snuggle deeper in my new soothing beach themed bedding, I think, “Wow, 2017 is off to a great start and only can get better.”

While there are times I miss my partner, briefly there are more times I enjoy my newly regained independence much more. Starting over after divorce may not be so hard after all.

It’s going to be a great year!

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